Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hugh Cudlipp lecture: Does journalism exist?

"Don Tapscott, in his book Growing Up Digital, has explored some of the ways in which the technologies of the last 20 years have helped develop a generation of fierce independence; of emotional and intellectual openness; of inclusion; biased towards free expression and strong views; interested in innovation, used to immediacy; sensitive to/ suspicious of corporate interest; preoccupied with issues of authentication and trust – which includes having access to sources; interested in personalisation or customisation rather than one-size fits all; not dazzled by technology, but more concerned with functionality."

The full text of Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger's Hugh Cudlipp lecture

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

On gospel, Abba and the death of the record: an audience with Brian Eno

"Instead of shooting arrows at someone else's target, which I've never been very good at, I make my own target around wherever my arrow happens to have landed. You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre."

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Academic takes exception to Air NZ uniform

"I see this as grandstanding by Mr Taonui. Air New Zealand has been in consultation with the Maori Language Commission and other Maori who are experts in this area. It is a shame Mr Taonui did not consult his elders before this outburst. He has displayed a concerning lack of knowledge on the basics of our culture".

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Unfortunately for us, though, the intellectual fate of our historical generation is unlikely to matter much in the long haul. It is our misfortune to live through the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race, a misfortune because surplus always breaks more things than scarcity. Scarcity means valuable things become more valuable, a conceptually easy change to integrate. Surplus, on the other hand, means previously valuable things stop being valuable, which freaks people out."

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Terrorism and child pornography used to justify surveillance society, says academic

“My concern is that its easy policy-making… if you say it’s against terrorism and it’s against child pornography then nobody is going to say no."

His comments echo those made by Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, who last year accused ministers of interfering with people's privacy and playing straight into the hands of terrorists, by creating a “police state”

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"Terrorism and child pornography used to justify surveillance society, says academic"
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Close Those Quotes

New York Time's style.

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"‘Buy me, read me, have fun — this isn’t “Moby Dick.” ’ ”"
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Comparative Risk of Terrorism

"Consider that on this very day about 6,700 Americans will die.... Consider then that around 1,900 of the Americans who die today will be less than 65, and that indeed about 140 will be children. Approximately 50 Americans will be murdered today, including several women killed by their husbands or boyfriends, and several children who will die from abuse and neglect. Around 85 of us will commit suicide, and another 120 will die in traffic accidents."

Underwear bombers rank where?

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

smacking down Jaron Lanier & 'World Wide Mush'

"Small and large, the possibility for collective action is empowering people to resist injustice, call for change in politics in attitudes, develop new tools to improve human lives. You don't get innovation? You can't foster creativity? I say bollocks to that."

Lanier's just another of those whining snobs who feel their special contribution diluted by the flood of innovation and creativity. Another incumbent grizzling that their monopoly on specialness is being weakened.

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Will internet kill the video store?

``Video Ezy Quay St manager Kat Patrick says downloading hadn't affected business too much because our broadband speeds are relatively poor.

"I think a lot of people don't have the patience to sit and wait. The technology in this country is piffle really."''

Kill? No. Reduce the significance of? Certainly.

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"Will internet kill the video store?"
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Keeping America's Edge

"Furthermore, the divisive effects of this cluster of trends — ­rising income inequality and reduced income mobility, some degree of ­middle-class wage stagnation, increased personal debt, and increased class stratification of stable social behavior — are only intensified by climbing rates of assortative mating and residential segregation, as well as an increasingly crude and corrosive popular culture combined with the technology-driven fragmentation of mass media."

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"Keeping America's Edge"
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sex and toys the new vibe at hotels

"Women staying in hotels were watching more porn than in previous years – accounting for 12 per cent of all sex movies watched in 2009, compared to 8 per cent in 2000 – and were much more likely to eat chocolate from the minibar.

Men, who remained the major consumers of porn however, preferred minibar beer."


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"2010 marks the start of the reinvention of NZ Telecommunications. The models of the old are challenged and under severe strain. The game has been lifted for all players. There is less money to be made but more people chasing it."

Nice summary.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Android Or IPhone? Wrong Question

“The iPhone is something different. It’s changing our behavior…The game that Apple is playing is to become the Microsoft of the smartphone market.” Or perhaps not.

Absolutely not. iPhone is the Apple of the Smartphone market while Android is the PC.

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