Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Only ‘Journalism’ Subsidy We Need is in Bandwidth

"If the authors had only pursued their logic, they’d have ended up at the only sensible conclusion — that taxpayers could well subsidize the equivalent of the postal and printing subsidies they celebrate (among many other infrastructure supports that helped get the news from one place to another, such as roads, never mind the variety of other government help that’s gone to news organizations over the past several centuries.

What would following their logic lead us to in a digital world? That’s easy: We should collectively install dark fiber to every home and business where it’s feasible to do so, and put fiber as close to the ones that are too remote to make sense otherwise. It should be “dark fiber” — that is, data lines not controlled by government but available for others to light up to provide services for users."

in reference to: The Only ‘Journalism’ Subsidy We Need is in Bandwidth « Mediactive (view on Google Sidewiki)

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