Saturday, November 28, 2009

DCC's free internet plan poses legal risk

" The claim was made by Dunedin businessman Stu Fleming, the managing director and chief technical officer of the Dunedin-based internet service provider WIC NZ Ltd, former InternetNZ councillor and current member.

He said the council's wireless (Wi-Fi) internet proposal had some merit, but warned it would establish the council as the customer of an internet service provider, rather than "anonymous" end-users making use of the free service.

That in turn could see the council carrying legal liability for any copyright infringements by those using the network to download music, movies or games illegally, he warned."

Which is more of a criticism of a stupid law than an error on the part of DCC. There's of course nothing that could be done on the free Wi-Fi network that couldn't be done from the Koru Lounge, but...

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"DCC's free internet plan poses legal risk"
- DCC's free internet plan poses legal risk | Otago Daily Times Online News (view on Google Sidewiki)

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