Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Offers A 16 Terabyte Cloud Drive For $4,096 A Year

"Google tonight announced that it was drastically slashing prices while at the same time offering more storage pricing options for users of its services. Specifically, while Gmail users currently get about 7 gigabytes for free and Picasa users get about 1 gigabyte for free, both can now upgrade to 20 GB for just $5 a year. Previously, it cost $20 to get just 10 GB of additional service.

But what’s really pretty incredible is that Google has an option for you to buy up to 16 terabytes, yes, terabytes, of storage from them. As Google notes, that enough to store 8 million very high resolution photos. Considering that most consumers probably still have south of 500 gigabytes of storage in their home, that’s pretty massive."

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"Google is only officially offering this storage for use with Gmail and Picasa. It’s not a complete online backup/storage system,"
- Google Offers A 16 Terabyte Cloud Drive For $4,096 A Year (view on Google Sidewiki)

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