Friday, November 6, 2009

Robots could mimic human forgetfulness to filter out less useful information.

"Forgetting is a critical capability when operating in dynamic environments," says PhD student Sanford Freedman, who presented the group's data filtering-software, called ActSimple, in a paper published at the IASTED Robotics and Applications conference held this week in Cambridge, MA.

ActSimple draws on two facets of human memory: time-based decay, or the way that memories disappear over time, and interference, which is the failure to recall information due to other memories competing for attention. ActSimple assigns different pieces of data values depending on how often they are used, and how similar it is to other pieces of information."

in reference to:

"The Team found that on average, ActSimple created the most reliable estimated WiFi map. Interestingly, when the robot "remembered" everything--that is, used all of its gathered information (errors and all)--it generated the least accurate map overall."
- Technology Review: Blogs: TR Editors' blog: Absent-minded Robots Remember What Matters (view on Google Sidewiki)

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