Monday, March 29, 2010

The Australian #ACTA Factsheet vs the leaked text

"Interestingly, the leak of a consolidated text from January the day before this Factsheet allows us to test these claims against actual text apparently being contemplated by the parties. And the result is not pretty. If this is a genuine text, actually contemplated as the basis for a treaty, then the first two claims are false, and the third is true only in the most technical sense (ACTA perhaps does not focus on private, non-commercial acts – but it is so broadly drafted that it catches them nevertheless)."

Perhaps the MED's brochure deserves the once over.

in reference to:

"On 24 March, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released a factsheet purporting to provide “additional background on the ACTA negotiations” and to address “some of the common concerns raised by stakeholders in a number of countries”. This factsheet reiterated three claims repeatedly made by the parties negotiating the ACTA:"
- The Australian ACTA Factsheet vs the Leaked Text | PublicACTA The Australian ACTA Factsheet vs the Leaked Text | (view on Google Sidewiki)

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