Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Intelligent Ways to Solve the Middle Mile Problem

"unbundling in France didn't pick up outside of dense urban areas until local governments were allowed to invest in backhaul fiber networks. What they did was connect of of the incumbents local exchanges and sold the backhaul dark fiber at reasonable prices to the altnets who then promptly went and unbundled all of these exchanges. This in turn drove competition and led to better prices for consumers.

In other words, a virtuous circle.

Could this same model be applicable to FTTH deployment? In rural areas, I certainly think so. "

in reference to:

"very often, Rural backhaul is a monopoly, and we all know how monopoly prices are set. When in addition, the owner of the backhaul is a copper competitor on the access, the incentive is pretty clear to gouge you on backhaul prices."
- Fiberevolution: Intelligent Ways to Solve the Middle Mile Problem (view on Google Sidewiki)

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