Friday, April 2, 2010

Feedback du jour – from the mailbag

" Hello Andrew,

When the always welcome Bandcamp ‘Cha-Ching!’ email pops up in my inbox, it always pegs my mood up a notch (picture: ‘Oh the labour and struggle of the unsung artist, is it all worth it? *Cha-Ching!* Yes it is). But this time when I poised my typing fingers to shoot a quick reply to thank the purchaser for their impeccable taste, I recognised the name, and actually laughed out loud (there should be an acronym for that).

Not an evil or smug or nervous laugh, a joyous one, because I have absorbed your ebook and have been applying a fair amount of your advice in floating my band out into the virtual abyss, and I thought it thoroughly befitting (and the ultimate endorsement of your wisdom) that by practicing your lessons I have managed to sell a record to the teacher!

A handful of sales came through yesterday actually so I checked up on the bandcamp stats and sure enough there is a new alp on stat mountain that popped up on April 1st (April fools day, shit I better check it hasn’t disappeared!) So doing a some sluethy clicking I quickly attributed its creation to your blog post and endorsement on your new Bandcamp Du Jour page.

So thanks for everything. The music industry tends to petrify artists, and with your alternative logical forward thinking (and now direct cash investment!) it helps guys like me realise that it has never been better for new independent artists. I thoroughly believe that.

Aaron "

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"great music on Bandcamp by Civil Civic,"
- Feedback du jour – from the mailbag by Andrew Dubber (view on Google Sidewiki)

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