Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ideas Into Execution: Giving Away An Idea To Make It Happen

"Another all around smart guy, Andrew Dubber, picked up on the idea and considered doing exactly as Sivers suggested above, and writing a book based on this concept. But, after sleeping on it, he decided to innovate and execute in a slightly different way. Instead of taking the "first follower" idea and preaching it, Dubber wanted to be a first follower of Siver's other concept: giving away ideas. He decided that he would give away 30 ideas in 30 days -- just like Sivers "gave away" his idea.

Starting March 3rd, Dubber did exactly that, giving away an idea a day.

On March 16th (day 14), Dubber's idea give away, was called I Made A Tape, and was based on the idea that, back in the old days, when people made mixtapes, they were usually for someone specifically. And while there are a bunch of "mixtape" services out there these days (though the RIAA likes to shut them down every so often), Dubber thought it would be cool to create one that allowed someone to be more personal:

So that's why my idea is an online music sharing site -- but one that can only be shared with one person. You craft a "tape" with a single person in mind, and then that mix is sent to that person with a unique URL that only they can access.

They can download or stream the mixtape, and it comes with the liner notes that you've written.

And then... on April 6th, some other guy, Ray Kuyvenhoven launched, based very much on Dubber's idea from just a few weeks earlier. "

Nice to see the notion of the lazy web, and ideas without chains, promoting the innovation patents and copyright preclude. There's an old saw about "You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit." Or the cash. Thanks Andrew.

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"Ideas Into Execution: Giving Away An Idea To Make It Happen"
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