Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad [Media] App Pricing

"Looking at the iPad app rollout, you can easily separate the digital wheat from the chaff in the content industries, and you can see those who are developing digital businesses and those who are trying to protect print margins and who see the iPad as a vertical, closed model to control and monetise content.

There are those who believe that they sell content and that they should be compensated for it. Just as with the music industry, they couch this in terms of repaying content creators, when it really is more about wistfulness for the days of double-digit profit margins.

Those who view their primary business as selling content believe that not only can they charge for it but that they can actually charge the same or more for it, just because it is on the iPad. Time, for example, is charging $US4.99 a week for their iPad ‘magazine’."

And what do you get for that sum? "Unique interactivity including landscape and portrait mode, scroll navigation and customizable font size." LOL.

in reference to:

"A last act of insanity by delusional content companies"
- (view on Google Sidewiki)

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