Friday, April 2, 2010

What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous?

"This was the first Chechen suicide attack and showed the many advantages of female suicide bombers. They were deadly, as Chechen female attackers generally are, killing an average of 21 people per attack compared to 13 for males. Perhaps far more important, they could inspire others to follow in their footsteps, women and men alike.

Ms. Barayeva made a martyr video, as many suicide bombers do before their attacks. While warning Russia that she was attacking for Chechen independence, she also directed a powerful message clearly meant to provoke men to make similar sacrifices out of a sense of honor. She pleaded for Chechen men to “not take the woman’s role by staying at home”; so far, 32 men have answered her call."

in reference to:

"The majority are male, but a huge fraction — over 40 percent — are women."
- Op-Ed Contributors - What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous? - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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