Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vodafone "welcomes" MTAS regulation*

"Vodafone have now told us loud and clear that 6c per minute is now sufficient revenue for an on net call from one Vodafone customer to another Vodafone customer. One has to now ask the question - why do Vodafone believe that the rate for any other mobile network operator to terminate a call on the Vodafone network should exceed 6c per minute from today? If that 6c was split 50/50 between the revenue cost of the A party making the call and B party answering the call then that MTR cost should not exceed 3c per minute. What possible argument could Vodafone have for charging another network operator more to terminate a call on the Vodafone network than they "charge" themselves?"

in reference to:

"Thumbing your nose at both the Commission and Minister like Vodafone have done is not smart business."
- Vodafone welcomes MTAS regulation* (view on Google Sidewiki)

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